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Yesterday's News

Category 2: New Stable Successes
The Golden Horseshoe: Let’s Travel picks up its 50th career win

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Pancho Racing Stables wins 8 races in a day! Pancho Racing Stables sent 37 horses to post today and earned 8 wins, 3 places, and 7 shows
Pancho Racing Stables shows its class today earning 176200 and winning 8 races in 37 Starts
Induna shows its class today earning 101980 and winning 2 races in 9 Starts
Black Ace Stable wins 6 races in a day! Black Ace Stable sent 25 horses to post today and earned 6 wins, 5 places, and 3 shows
Logan Cooper is on fire! Logan Cooper rode 12 horses today, crossing the line first 6 times

Category 4: Streaks
Today's win in the 49th race made it 3 wins in a row for Galileo (CA) of Carlton Lodge
Pancho Racing Stables consistently sending winners. For the 5th consecutive day, Pancho Racing Stables sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Pancho Racing Stables8
Pancho Knows Best (KY)2CfAlw7f1:20.5698
Judge Joe Brown (KY)4GfClm200006f1:07.8998
Practical Speed (PA)3CfClm150006f1:07.9497
Kiss N Say Goodbye (FL)5GfClm50005f57.3197
No Woman No Cry (KY)5GECSRQ1 1/4m2:01.7997
Keep An Open Mind (PA)5GfOpenAlw5f57.4796
Robot Cocktail (KY)3CfOpenAlw7f1:20.8495
Finish D Story (PA)3FfOpenAlw7f1:21.1094
Black Ace Stable6
Majestic Prince (PA)2GfAlw1 1/8m1:47.9197
Flambino Dancer (KY)2GfOClm250001 1/8m1:48.4496
Platinum Rhythm (PA)2CfAlw1 1/8m1:48.4296
Urgent Message (PA)2FfMdSpWt1 1/4m2:02.0096
Gino Cuja (PA)2GfMdC50001m1:35.1795
Red Charlie (KY)2CfMdSpWt6f1:08.3695
Wandos Will (CA)5GECSRQ1 1/4m2:01.7997
Flambino Joker (FL)4GfClm200006f1:08.1596
Flip Farms2
Ashford Road (NY)2FfClm150001m1:34.8097
Mr Bennet (FL)2GfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.3397
Totoro Stables2
Iron Trillion Blade (NY)2FfMdSpWt1 1/4m2:01.7298
Map To The Gold (NY)2CfMdC150007f1:21.1996
Carlton Lodge2
Galileo (CA)2CfAlw1 1/8m1:47.9796
Sun Princess (NY)2FfAlw1 1/8m1:48.5295
Dutton Ranch1
Seabird (KY)5GECSRQ1 1/4m2:02.1196
Bald Farm Inc1
La Azteca (KY)2FECJFCQ1m1:33.9198
Fgc Stables1
Summer Gardener (KY)2CfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.2897
Prestage Stables1
Kinky Llama (NY)3GfOClm250001 1/4m2:01.8996
Muck Farms1
Coasting Senor (NY)5GfAlw1m1:34.5798
Goof Troop1
Tell Them Im Coming (NY)3CfAlw1 3/8m2:16.7195
Let’s Travel1
Didnt Work (NY)2GfAlw7f1:20.7597
Wando Stables1
Toxic Crepe (KY)2FfMdC50001m1:35.3194

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Dig The Look (KY)Diggin Up Bones (KY)Dull Blade (KY)Creekside Stables1:08.91
Expense Account (CA)DD-Expensive Pain (KY)DD-Common Knowledge (KY)Creekside Stables1:08.72
Never Give Up (KY)Never Gold (NY)Lexi Golden (KY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.90
Peppy Pioneer (KY)Pioneer (CA)Aztec La Fleche (KY)Bald Farm Inc1:08.80
Toxic Shock (KY)Toxic Collector (KY)Shock The Baby (KY)Wando Stables
Unnamed161958 (KY)Military Gambler (KY)Still A Miss (FL)Dutton Ranch
Unnamed161960 (FL)DD-Fire at Will (KY)DD-Coup de Folie (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed161961 (FL)DD-War of Will (KY)DD-Jameela (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed161962 (CA)DD-Skipaway (KY)DD-Shenanigans (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed161964 (NY)Hoo Ya Mal (FL)Berlbaro (NY)Carlton Lodge
Unnamed161965 (NY)Hoo Ya Mal (FL)Icebath (NY)Carlton Lodge
Unnamed161966 (FL)Hoo Ya Mal (FL)Amelia Island (FL)Carlton Lodge
Unnamed161967 (PA)Hoo Ya Mal (FL)Brutality (PA)Carlton Lodge1:08.93
Unnamed161968DD-Flightline (KY)DD-Twosy (KY)Samurai45.23
Unnamed161969DD-Secretariat (KY)DD-Winding Bay (KY)Samurai44.80
Unnamed161970DD-First Samurai (KY)DD-Courtesy (KY)Samurai45.08
Unnamed161971DD-Silver StateDD-Open Mind (KY)Samurai44.90
Unnamed161972 (KY)Seriously (KY)Aka Trillion (KY)Foggydan Farms1:08.82
Unnamed161973 (KY)Levelled Off (KY)Aka Trillion (KY)Foggydan Farms1:08.77
Unnamed161974 (KY)Trillion Dollar Bill (KY)Lexi Golden (KY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.93
Unnamed161975 (NY)Trillion Dollar Bill (KY)Devil Woman (NY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.95
Unnamed161976 (NY)Trillion Dollar Bill (KY)Devil Woman (NY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.89
Unnamed161977 (NY)Trillion Dollar Bill (KY)Devil Woman (NY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.93
Unnamed161978 (NY)Never Gold (NY)Devil Woman (NY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.97
Unnamed161980 (KY)Saint Judson (CA)Divatown (PA)Bald Farm Inc1:08.82
Unnamed161981 (KY)Balding Quickly (NY)Divatown (PA)Bald Farm Inc1:09.05
Unnamed161983 (FL)Desirable Tone (CA)Pong Links (CA)Wando Stables
Unnamed161984 (KY)Desirable Tone (CA)All Time Fun (KY)Wando Stables
Unnamed161985 (CA)Desirable Tone (CA)One Road Found (CA)Wando Stables
Unnamed161987 (KY)DD-Discovery (KY)DD-Carribean Caper (KY)Tri-City Stables
Unnamed161988 (KY)DD-Nasrullah (KY)DD-Rags To Riches (KY)Induna
Unnamed161989 (FL)DD-UptownCharlyBrownDD-Black Caviar (KY)Induna
Unnamed161990 (CA)DD-Twenty Grand (KY)DD-Gift of God (KY)Induna
Unnamed161991 (CA)DD-Game Winner (KY)DD-Where You Lead (PA)Induna
Unnamed161992 (FL)DD-Unbridled (KY)DD-Tiffany's HonourInduna
Unnamed161993 (FL)DD-Zivo (NY)DD-Global Trot (KY)Induna
Unnamed161994 (FL)DD-Mandaloun (KY)DD-Stackin Chips (KY)Induna
Unnamed161995 (KY)DD-Johnstown (KY)DD-Our Mims (KY)Induna
Unnamed161996 (NY)DD-Declaration of War (KY)DD-Magical (KY)Induna
Unnamed161997 (KY)DD-Roadster (PA)DD-Secret Lanvin (KY)Induna
Unnamed161998 (KY)DD-Colonel Liam (PA)DD-Aldiva (KY)Induna
Unnamed161999 (FL)DD-Mutasaabeq (KY)DD-Roheryn (KY)Induna
Unnamed162000 (CA)DD-Game Winner (KY)DD-Red Desire (KY)Induna
Unnamed162001 (KY)DD-Country Grammar (KY)DD-Tease (KY)Induna
Unnamed162002 (CA)DD-Baaeed (KY)DD-Happy Ticket (KY)Induna
Unnamed162003 (PA)DD-Pientre Celebre (KY)DD-Change Water KYInduna
Unnamed162004 (FL)DD-Sea Biscuit (KY)DD-Relaxing (KY)Induna
Unnamed162005 (CA)DD-Highland Reel (KY)DD-Youngstar (KY)Induna
Unnamed162006 (PA)DD-Swaps (KY)DD-Enable (KY)Induna
Unnamed162007 (CA)DD-Majestic Prince (KY)DD-Dainty Dotsy (KY)Induna

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
Aka Trillion (KY)4F12/6/11629203
Beyond Control (FL)2G0/1/15720
Big Girl Pants (KY)3F3/2/257792
Commissioner Winx (KY)2G0/1/01250
Divatown (PA)4F0/1/19592
Double Mischief (KY)2F1/0/214280
Harzand (NY)2F0/0/00
Hoo Ya Mal (FL)4C5/7/2208150
Karen (KY)2F0/0/25460
Never Gold (NY)4C4/5/682588
Pereille (NY)2F0/1/01000
Pistol Whipped (CA)5G3/2/0112030
Saint Adelaide (KY)2F0/1/44990
Santa Veronica (KY)2F0/1/17530
Shock The Baby (KY)5M4/3/4120641
Ss9900 (KY)4G9/1/6210953
Unnamed160788 (FL)2G0/0/00
Unnamed161687 (PA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed161688 (FL)2F0/0/00
Unnamed161689 (CA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed161690 (FL)2G0/0/00
Unnamed161691 (NY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed161940 (PA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed161942 (PA)2G0/0/00
Unnamed161951 (PA)2G0/0/00
Unnamed161974 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed161980 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed161981 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed161987 (KY)2F0/0/00

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Last week's top fee-generating sire:
1Pioneer (CA)Miller Racing Stable25000
2Blushing Boy (NY)Induna5000
3Late Start 2 Season (FL)Induna5000

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