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Yesterday's News

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Taylorandtaryn wins 5 races in a day! Taylorandtaryn sent 22 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 3 places, and 3 shows
Taylorandtaryn shows its class today earning 149435 and winning 5 races in 22 Starts
Pancho Racing Stables wins 7 races in a day! Pancho Racing Stables sent 26 horses to post today and earned 7 wins, 4 places, and 3 shows
Pancho Racing Stables shows its class today earning 204900 and winning 7 races in 26 Starts
Induna wins 6 races in a day! Induna sent 32 horses to post today and earned 6 wins, 5 places, and 8 shows
Induna shows its class today earning 174160 and winning 6 races in 32 Starts
Black Ace Stable wins 6 races in a day! Black Ace Stable sent 16 horses to post today and earned 6 wins, 3 places, and 0 shows

Category 4: Streaks
Can First Big World (NY) be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Totoro Stables
Taylorandtaryn consistently sending winners. For the 5th consecutive day, Taylorandtaryn sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Black Ace Stable consistently sending winners. For the 3rd consecutive day, Black Ace Stable sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Silver Weapon (CA) reappears. After a drought of 96 days, Silver Weapon (CA) finds himself back in the winner's circle
Undercover Agent (FL) reappears. After a drought of 167 days, Undercover Agent (FL) finds himself back in the winner's circle
Ribotrillion (KY) reappears. After a drought of 149 days, Ribotrillion (KY) finds himself back in the winner's circle
Bejewelled Bell (FL) reappears. After a drought of 234 days, Bejewelled Bell (FL) finds himself back in the winner's circle

Category 7: Milestones
Thatswhatloveisfor (NY) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 300,000 mark

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Pancho Racing Stables7
Feed Me (CA)3GfAlw1 1/8m1:47.3699
Cooper Pup (NY)3GfClm150006f1:07.5999
Past Market (KY)4GfAlwS6f1:07.9398
Buy A New Purse (CA)4GfAlwDD1m1:33.8898
Rothfire (FL)3GfClm150006f1:08.0097
Color Me Badd (CA)4GfClm200006f1:08.2496
I Look Too You (PA)4GfMdSpWt6f1:08.3096
The Fool (PA)2FfMdSpWt7f1:20.4499
Platinum Citizen (KY)3CfOClm250001 1/4m2:01.3999
Bet The Grey (PA)4GfClm50005f57.0798
Long Kal El (PA)2GfAlw1 1/8m1:47.7098
Seraphim (KY)2FfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.1098
Wandos Wanker (CA)4GfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:47.7897
Black Ace Stable6
Domino Rally (KY)2FfClm100005f57.2297
Silver Weapon (CA)3GfClm200005f57.3197
Stormy Future (FL)2CfMdSpWt7f1:20.7897
Double Smart (PA)4GfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.0595
Undercover Agent (FL)3CfAlw1 3/8m2:16.6795
Bold Warrior (FL)3CfAlw1 3/8m2:16.7494
Needsalotofice (FL)4GfClm50005f56.9199
Lastbutnotleast (KY)2FfOClm1000006f1:07.5799
Sheownsthebiz (FL)5MfAlwS6f1:07.8798
Hehasslowfootwear (NY)2GfClm100005f57.2197
Itwasafakering (KY)2FfClm50001 3/8m2:16.3996
Dash Stables2
Ribotrillion (KY)4FECSRQ1 1/4m2:01.6698
Periodically (KY)2FfAlw7f1:20.7497
Foggydan Farms2
Pop Tart (KY)2GfClm150007f1:21.3895
Global Storm (KY)2CfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.7295
Totoro Stables2
First Big World (NY)2FECJFCQ1m1:33.7798
Battle After Truce (NY)2CfMdSpWt6f1:08.4095
Dutton Ranch1
Hard Thunder (KY)4GECSRQ1 1/4m2:01.8197
Star Of The Desert1
Bejewelled Bell (FL)4CECSRQ1 1/4m2:01.4799
And More Racing Stable1
T Baggins (KY)4GfClm200006f1:07.9497
Carlton Lodge1
Elegant Fashion (PA)3FfOpenAlw7f1:20.3598
Flip Farms1
Burden Of Money (FL)3GfOClm250001 1/4m2:01.5898
The French Quarter1
Hampshire (NY)2CfAlw1 1/8m1:47.7797
Prestage Stables1
Ill Show You Magic (NY)3GfClm100006f1:07.6799
I Am Thunder (KY)3GfClm50005f56.9099
Virtual 101 (NY)2CfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.4096

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Basso Gold (NY)DD-Basso (KY)DD-Expo Gold (KY)Induna1:09.01
Cover Frank (PA)Runnin 4 Cover (KY)B Frank (KY)Induna1:08.93
Elfin Magic (KY)First Saturday (PA)Fairy Queen (KY)Creekside Stables1:08.72
Family Colors (NY)Just Family (NY)Sunday Colors (NY)Creekside Stables1:08.83
Fools Phantom (PA)Godzilla (KY)Fools Inch (KY)Induna1:08.97
Krazy Market (PA)Dont Get Krazy (KY)On The Market (NY)Induna1:08.94
Lions Paw (CA)DD-Moccasin (KY)DD-Zarkava (KY)Induna1:09.09
Lost On The Nile (NY)DD-Pioneer of the Nile (KY)DD-Mizdirection (KY)Induna1:08.98
Official Pistol (CA)DD-Officiating (KY)DD-Sweet Pistol (KY)Induna1:09.03
Parole Possible (KY)DD-Without Parole (KY)DD-Mission Possible (KY)Induna1:09.08
Platinum Key (KY)DD-Key to the Mint (KY)DD-Paseana (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.69
Putrid (FL)DD-Vekoma (KY)DD-Moccasin (KY)Star Of The Desert1:09.16
Runnin Frank B (PA)Runnin 4 Cover (KY)B Frank (KY)Induna1:08.96
Smash Prince (KY)DD-Princequillo (KY)DD-Smash Hit (KY)Dragon Tattoo1:09.20
Sword Of The Samurai (CA)DD-First Samurai (KY)DD-Peppers Pride (KY)Induna1:09.06
Unnamed153516 (NY)DD-Royal Lytham (KY)DD-Gamely (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed153518 (CA)DD-Lemon Drop Kid (KY)DD-Ashado (KY)Kotzen Stables1:09.03
Unnamed153520 (NY)DD-Aloha West (NY)DD-Global Trot (KY)Induna1:09.02
Unnamed153522 (KY)DD-Oath Breaker (PA)DD-Intuition (KY)Induna
Unnamed153523 (CA)DD-Straight No Chaser (KY)DD-Daltawa (KY)Induna
Unnamed153524 (KY)DD-Flapjack (KY)DD-Sweet Agility (KY)Induna
Unnamed153525 (KY)DD-Burden (KY)DD-Temple Street (KY)Induna
Unnamed153527 (CA)DD-Declaration of War (KY)DD-Monomoy Girl (KY)Induna1:09.14
Unnamed153529 (CA)DD-Basso (KY)DD-Twilight Tear (KY)Induna1:09.23
Unnamed153531 (NY)DD-Flatter (KY)DD-Lil Indy (KY)Induna1:09.03
Unnamed153532 (CA)DD-Palice Malice (KY)DD-Blazen Betsy (KY)Induna1:08.99
Unnamed153535 (KY)DD-Gretzky the Great (KY)DD-Inside Information (KY)Induna1:09.11
Unnamed153536 (KY)DD-Jimmy Creed (KY)DD-Prospectors Delight (KY)Induna1:09.06
Unnamed153537 (FL)DD-Discovery (KY)DD-Forget (NY)Induna
Unnamed153538 (PA)American Dawn (FL)Fooling Yourself (FL)Induna
Unnamed153539 (PA)Godzilla (KY)Fooling Yourself (FL)Induna1:08.91
Unnamed153541 (PA)Dont Get Krazy (KY)On The Market (NY)Induna1:08.98
Unnamed153543 (PA)DD-Mine Shaft (KY)DD-Common Knowledge (KY)Induna
Unnamed153544 (KY)DD-Harlan's HolidayDD-Swiss Skydiver (KY)Induna
Unnamed153545 (NY)DD-Exclusive Native (PA)DD-Highclere (KY)Induna1:08.82
Unnamed153546 (PA)Trillion Tea (NY)Siyounis Trillion (NY)Induna1:08.95
Unnamed153547 (PA)DD-Snow Chief (KY)DD-Panty Raid (KY)Black Ace Stable1:09.12
Unnamed153548 (NY)Highwayman (KY)Show Me The Magic (KY)Donovan Stables1:08.71
Unnamed153549 (FL)DD-Paynter (KY)DD-Shestheone (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed153550 (NY)DD-Temple City (KY)DD-Seraphina (PA)Creekside Stables
Unnamed153551 (KY)DD-Princequillo (KY)DD-Cavorting (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed153552 (NY)DD-Liam's MapDD-Proud Delta (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed153553 (PA)DD-Algorythms (KY)DD-Covfefe (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed153555 (PA)Runnin 4 Cover (KY)Fooling Yourself (FL)Induna1:09.04
Unnamed153556 (PA)Runnin 4 Cover (KY)Fooling Yourself (FL)Induna1:09.13
Unnamed153557 (PA)Runnin 4 Cover (KY)Lovemydad (KY)Induna1:09.04

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
All The Herbs (PA)6M0/0/00
Bad Feelings (NY)2F2/1/218812
Cat Tricks (KY)2F0/0/313808
Classic Fives (PA)6M0/0/13840
Colorful Anytime (FL)5M0/0/00
Delivery Update (KY)3G1/0/06290
Game Of Inches (CA)3G1/0/019250
Golden Slew (NY)6M0/0/00
Hanover (CA)2F0/1/18649
Happy Cat (KY)2G0/0/28600
Harlans Colt 45 (PA)2G0/0/11440
Hinnies Assistant (KY)2G1/1/216770
I Am An Enigma (FL)5G0/0/14600
Kant Bid (FL)3F0/0/28076
Show Me The Magic (KY)4F3/0/5223110
U Boat (CA)3G4/1/175395
Unnamed153518 (CA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153522 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153523 (CA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153524 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153525 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153527 (CA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153529 (CA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153531 (NY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153532 (CA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153535 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153536 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153537 (FL)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153538 (PA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153539 (PA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153541 (PA)2G0/0/00
Unnamed153543 (PA)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153544 (KY)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153545 (NY)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153546 (PA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153547 (PA)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153555 (PA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed153556 (PA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153557 (PA)2C0/0/00

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Top-producing mare (in earnings) during the current meet:
1Tarynhasalottawind (KY)Taylorandtaryn1723990
2DD-Double Tap (NY)Digital Downs1083207
3Trillion Win (KY)Dutton Ranch905161

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