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Yesterday's News

Category 1: Track Records Broken or Approached
The Surgeon (NY) from Chrisman narrowly misses breaking the Churchill DD record at 2f. The Surgeon (NY) posted a quick time of 20.93, just missing the current record of 20.89, which is held by Pick Your Pockets (KY).

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Jake Dog Racing shows its class today earning 120712 and winning 4 races in 15 Starts
Foggydan Farms shows its class today earning 175380 and winning 2 races in 16 Starts
Chrisman shows its class today earning 144158 and winning 4 races in 21 Starts
Pancho Racing Stables shows its class today earning 155353 and winning 3 races in 20 Starts
Induna wins 7 races in a day! Induna sent 35 horses to post today and earned 7 wins, 7 places, and 3 shows
Induna shows its class today earning 119272 and winning 7 races in 35 Starts
Black Ace Stable shows its class today earning 118575 and winning 3 races in 14 Starts

Category 4: Streaks
Pancho Racing Stables consistently sending winners. For the 3rd consecutive day, Pancho Racing Stables sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Induna consistently sending winners. For the 8th consecutive day, Induna sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Black Ace Stable consistently sending winners. For the 6th consecutive day, Black Ace Stable sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Zenya West (FL) reappears. After a drought of 137 days, Zenya West (FL) finds himself back in the winner's circle

Category 6: Claiming News
Doc Lutz Stables is active on the claiming front - adding 3 horses just from today

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
The Prosecutor (FL)4GfClm200001 1/8m1:47.6298
Get Your Shine Box (CA)4GADSF7f1:21.1297
Hinnies Assistant (KY)2GfMdC50007f1:21.2296
Adar Fire (KY)3FfMdC200001m1:34.9596
Bozo (KY)3GfClm50007f1:21.1696
Highjacked (KY)4CfAlw7f1:20.7196
Everyones Crazy (FL)4GfAlw7f1:20.7096
The Surgeon (NY)3GQHC2f20.93100
Myrtos (CA)3GfOpenAlwDD1m1:33.9098
Underwater (PA)4GADSF7f1:21.1297
Bullseye (NY)3CADSF7f1:21.2696
Jake Dog Racing4
Act Naturally (NY)2FfAlw1m1:34.4998
Heartland (NY)2GADSF7f1:21.1097
Frisky Whiskers (FL)4FADSF7f1:21.0097
Lily Trilly (PA)2FADSF7f1:21.3596
Black Ace Stable3
Global Cat (KY)3CfAlw1m1:34.4198
Bold Legend (FL)3CfOpenAlwDD1m1:34.0597
Second Long (KY)4GfMdSpWt1 1/2m2:30.7496
Pancho Racing Stables3
Robot Cocktail (KY)2CECJTMQ1m1:33.8699
Outcast Prince (KY)4GfClm300006f1:08.0198
Cybergun (NY)4GfClm300006f1:08.3096
Themaidneededhelp (KY)2GfAlwDD7f1:20.5998
Quickforahundred (PA)4GADSF7f1:20.8498
Knifecutstheflowers (NY)4GfAlwS1 1/8m1:48.3996
Dash Stables3
Special Delivery (KY)4CfMdSpWt6f1:08.0597
Prince Of Conclusion (KY)2FfMdSpWt1 1/4m2:01.8797
Island Follie (FL)3FfAlw1m1:34.9096
Rulers Delight (KY)2CfMdSpWt6f1:08.1097
Midday Monarch (FL)2GfClm50006f1:08.2196
Senior Night (KY)2GfMdC150001 3/8m2:17.1594
Foggydan Farms2
Royal Colt (KY)2CfAlw1 1/4m2:01.5798
God Chaos (KY)2CfMdSpWtDD6f1:07.9197
Carlton Lodge2
Nosferatu (FL)2CECJTMQ1m1:33.8499
Vowmaster (CA)3GfAlw1 1/4m2:01.7397
Muck Farms2
Zenya West (FL)3CfAlw1 1/4m2:02.0398
Spicey Delux (PA)2GfAlw1m1:34.6897
Totoro Stables2
Spawning Park (NY)3CfClm100001 1/8m1:47.9096
Leroy Capo (NY)2CfMdSpWt6f1:08.1796

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Battle After Truce (NY)DD-Treve (KY)DD-Digital Underground (KY)Totoro Stables1:08.83
Double Up Ride (NY)Ride Of The Valkyrie (CA)Taryndoubledup (KY)Totoro Stables1:08.78
La Max (PA)DD-Aurelius Maximus (KY)DD-La Prevoyante (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.89
Leroy The Leader (NY)Leroy Bomb (NY)Prendere In Giro (KY)Totoro Stables1:08.53
Nadeem (NY)Mr Maestro (KY)Over The Moon (NY)Carlton Lodge1:09.13
Queen Of Burden (KY)DD-Burden (KY)DD-Berlo (KY)Winning4201:09.18
Raunchy Time (NY)Pass The Buck (KY)Raunchy Chief (NY)Totoro Stables1:08.69
Sissoko (FL)Later Than Never (KY)Vampire Blood (FL)Carlton Lodge1:09.07
Unnamed153308 (NY)Pass The Buck (KY)Too Hot (NY)Totoro Stables1:08.88
Unnamed153310 (NY)Ride Of The Valkyrie (CA)Bowl Of Stones (KY)Totoro Stables1:08.94
Unnamed153312 (NY)Pancho Still Rules (FL)Red Spawning (NY)Totoro Stables1:09.16
Unnamed153315 (NY)Crusader King (NY)Air Express (KY)Jake Dog Racing1:08.90
Unnamed153316 (KY)DD-Ranger (KY)DD-Chick Fight (KY)Tri-City Stables
Unnamed153317 (KY)Special Delivery (KY)Bling Ring (FL)Dash Stables1:08.96
Unnamed153318 (KY)Special Delivery (KY)Elemental War (NY)Dash Stables1:08.86
Unnamed153319 (KY)Special Delivery (KY)Maximum Surge (KY)Dash Stables1:08.94
Unnamed153320 (FL)DD-Bold Bidder (KY)DD-Feathered (PA)Foggydan Farms1:08.83
Unnamed153321 (FL)DD-Caturra (KY)DD-Delectation (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.77
Unnamed153323 (KY)DD-Swaps (KY)DD-Althea (KY)Winning4201:09.36
Unnamed153324 (PA)DD-Treasure Beach (GB)DD-One Smart Philly (KY)Winning4201:09.04
Unnamed153326 (CA)DD-Treve (KY)DD-Before You Go (CA)Winning4201:09.22
Unnamed153329 (KY)DD-Pioneer of the Nile (KY)DD-Jenuine Joy (KY)Winning4201:08.79

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
All Thrills Too (FL)3G1/0/114600
Barnet Girl (NY)6M0/0/00
Big Witch (KY)6M7/3/6344408
Gone Gone (PA)3F0/0/00
Heavy Storm (KY)2F0/0/0360
Hot Rod Henry (NY)5G0/0/00
Humpty Dumpty (CA)5G1/1/019557
Julz Just A Dream (CA)2F0/1/00
Knickerbocker (NY)4F1/2/225400
Lord Ardmore (FL)2C0/0/22841
Moonshine Jewell (FL)3F1/1/110928
Opposite Attract (KY)3F2/1/116243
Ping Pong 99 (CA)3F2/0/013796
Record Streak (CA)3F0/0/00
Spartan Tree (NY)5M0/0/00
Special Delivery (KY)4C1/0/09900
Tawqeet (PA)2C0/1/210850
Toxicity (FL)2G0/0/00
U Should B Dancing (NY)4C0/1/111400
Unnamed153074 (CA)2G0/0/00
Unnamed153194 (KY)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153196 (PA)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153197 (CA)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153203 (CA)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153211 (PA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153283 (NY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153308 (NY)2G0/0/00
Unnamed153310 (NY)2G0/0/00
Unnamed153312 (NY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153316 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153320 (FL)4G0/0/00
Unnamed153323 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153324 (PA)2G0/0/00
Unnamed153326 (CA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed153329 (KY)4G0/0/00
Uptown Crook Bd (CA)11M5/3/4551370
Wayne Rooney (PA)4G2/0/123175

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Last week's top fee-generating mare:
1Rattlesnake Rock (FL)Fgc Stables2000

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