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Learn About the Eliminator Tournament

The Eliminator Tournament

What is the Eliminator Tournament?

The Eliminator is the largest virtual horse racing tournament in the world, presented exclusively by Digital Downs. There is one goal - Survive and Advance!

Expect fast paced action where you will no doubt experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Good horses, skillful strategy mixed with a little luck might advance your horse to the next round but only the special horses will survive and reach the final race and potentially become the next Eliminator Champion

Hundreds of horses will be entered into the tournament. The more entries the better as you do your best to avoid the early knockout in this very unique set up that has sprinters and routers colliding with classic distance horses at a 1 mile dirt track.

Digital Downs will sponsor The Eliminator event with $3,000 in prizes on top of any actual race purse.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Eliminator Champion?

Milk Maid (KY) - Season 56 Eliminator Champion

Tournament Rules

There are 3 Eliminator Tournaments that begin during the first week of every new season at Digital Downs

  • 2yo Juvenile Eliminator
  • 3yo Eliminator
  • 4yo and Older Eliminator

  • Rules for all horses

    Once a horse is entered into the Eliminator it can not enter any other race while still racing in the Eliminator. Horse that race in any non-eliminator race will results in immediate disqualification from the Eliminator. Geldings are welcome.

    Entry Requirements - Strictly Enforced

    2yo Juveniles Colts & Fillies

    2yo horses must be un-raced maiden horses

    3yo Colts & Fillies

    3yo horses must be un-raced maiden horses

    4yo and Older

    4yo horses must have less than 2 wins

    There are two first round race set ups for 4yo+ horses

  • non winners of 2 allowance
  • maiden raced or un-raced

  • Race Structure

    All races will be run on dirt at a 1 mile distance. Track conditions may vary

    Max field size for all rounds except for the final race will be 8 horses

    Final race field size will be 10 horses

    The number of rounds will be determined by the initial horse entry total

    Beginning entry fee will be 5,000 game credits (DD$) with increasing entry fees per round

    The top 4 horses in a heat will advance to the next Eliminator round. The bottom 4 horses are eliminated from the tournament. If there is a dead heat for 4th (4/5)then the 4th and 5th horses will both advance.

    When stables enter multiple horses into the tournament, their horse will be evenly placed into heats. Example: if you enter 20 horses and there are 20 heats then you will have 1 horse in each heat.

    First round jockey selections will be randomly assigned. After the first round, jockey will be assigned base don (AER) Average Earnings Per Race.

    2yo Juvenile Eliminator Details

    the eliminator
    Enter the 2yo Eliminator

    Maidens Un-raced Only - race listing will appear for all maiden horses. Apply rules!

    1 mile


    Max Gate - 8

    No Max Entry

    5,000 DD$ Entry Fee

    3yo Eliminator Details

    the eliminator
    Enter the 3yo Eliminator

    Maidens Un-raced Only - race listing will appear for all maiden horses. Apply rules!

    1 mile


    Max Gate - 8

    No Max Entry

    5,000 DD$ Entry Fee

    4yo Eliminator Details

    the eliminator
    Enter the 4yo Eliminator - Maidens

    the eliminator
    Enter the 4yo Eliminator - non winners of 2 races

    Maidens and non winners of 2

    1 mile


    Max Gate - 8

    No Max Entry

    5,000 DD$ Entry Fee

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