Site Announcemnets


Advanced bloodlines rotated. Creating of the "cash pool" where a % of every purchase in the bloodline sales ring we go towards the next season's stakes races.

Upcoming Site Maintenance

  • DD champ supplement option will be added to the sales ring packages
  • PayPal invoice wording clean up
  • Meet racing points allocation correction for automation
  • Virtual Triple Crown trophy fix on horse stats page

Upcoming New Programming

  • Max horse entry per race per stabel - 3
  • New race condition - non winners of purse "XXXX"

02/29/20 - Covering the following areas: Breeding, Racing & Conformation

Breeding Changes and Upgrades

  • New Bloodlines
  • Homebred Quality
  • Mare Breeding Availability
  • Stallion Availability

New Bloodlines

New bloodlines will be available March 2, 2020. There will be a new page separate from the create and breed a horse pages. You will have the option to purchase a single horse or packs of 5, 10, 15, or 20 horses. Free horses will be added to all packs. Initially there will be 15 sires and 15 mares available from some of the greatest bloodlines in thoroughbred horse racing. These sires and mares are considered a Limted Edition and will eventually be removed and replaced with a new set of 20 sires and 20 mares. The available horses posted will rotate on a regular basis to make sure new bloodlines are introduced.

These bloodlines close a major gap in the horse acquisition process and will promote growth.

The selection of a sire and mare will be random at the point of payment, selecting one sire and one mare from list of available horses on the page. The new foal will be placed into your stable landing page.

Hombred Quality

Private breeding will remain an integral part of the game. The ability to match sires and mares can and will produce top end offspring. The homebred process is the most impactful breeding process available and once the new bloodlines reach the broodshed the results will show this.

We understand the concerns about new bloodlines and to help protect private breeding we have rolled back a few caps that were applied. Also, please keep in mind a few things: Eventually these new bloodlnes will become your brood stock. There are more breeds not used & wasted than used. We don't feel generating revenue from public breeding will be impacted since public breeding is under utilized and when it is utilized its is usually with inferior brood stock. We use actual data and not theory when making these decisions.

Mare Breeding Availability

  • Mares will be returned to 12 breeds total TBA
  • Maximum of 4 breeds per any season TBA
  • Full site retirement at 15 years old TBA
Please plan accordingly...this will not be a long delayed process!

Sire Availability

  • Sires will be returned to 40 breeds total
  • Maximum of 10 breeds per any season
  • Full site retirement at 15 years old

The continued increase of breeds available season over season has had a negative impact on the overall ecomonics of the game and does not support player to player interaction. This has devalued the entire game and created endless inbred horses. The vast majority of breeds available in private and public go unused so we see no downside to this change or rollback. We also considered the argument or concern about this impacting pubic breeding revenue and feel there is minimal negative impact if any at all. A very small fraction of the total available breeds are even offered to the public and the breeds that are made available tend to be from inferior horses.

Racing Platform Changes

  • Maximum Horse Entry
  • Pending Race Status
  • Bot Horses
  • TC, BC & Championship Racing Changes

Maximum Horse Entry

Programming will begin soon to implement restrictions on race entries by stable. There will be a 2-3 horse max entry per race per stable. We still need to decide the process for qualifiers and championship style races. What the max amount of horses per stable should be in those races since they are qualifying events. If restrictions apply do the horses automatically get bumped down into the consolation race etc.

Pending Race Status

We will be adding the race pending feature. If a race has 2 horses entered at the time of the scheduled closing of the race, the race will not cancel but instead be moved to a "pending" status until one or two more horses are entered. The idea is to have the pending races show at the top of the race list.

Bot Horses

We have this bot feature on the board and it's currently 4th in line for programming. We will choose the open morning time to test this new feature with a limited number of races. Every scheduled race with this feature will have 5 Digital Downs bot horses entered into the race. The race will run regardless if any stable has entered the race. For every horse that a stable does enter into the race one of the bot horses will drop out of the race. We still need to work out a few financial aspects ie. fixed purses. We know this type of race set up works, the question is how much to implement. This is also an excellent set up for assisting new stables. This will not be used in any way for higher grade racing and initially implemented in a test format. This also may not be needed at all if the pending race format above is successful.

Virtual Triple Crown, Virtual Breeders Cup & DD Championships

We plan to remove the DD Champinships permanently. We will introduce the Virtual Breeders Juvenile, Virtual Breeders Cup and enhance the Virtual Triple Crown TBD. All graded racing will apply points to horses throughout the season towards these events. Earn qualification! This will bring some realness back and also let us expand the graded stakes racing.

Horse Conformation

Target date March 3, 2020. We will roll out horse conformations and the will appear on a horse's stats page. Horses will be judged in 5 categories:
  • Athleticism
  • Intelligence
  • Balance
  • Soundness
  • Bone Strength

Each category has 5 possible outcomes:
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor

Horse conformation will relate to racing as well as pass through genes in bloodlines and breeding. Very important to homebred or private breeding.

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