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Quarter Horse Championship Series - February

Complete upgrade to Public Sales page - Public Sales Page

Complete upgrade to the step by step breeding process

Sire EC Nomination - the first trigger to Gold and Platinum bonuses for EC Foals.

New (DDF) Digital Downs Figure - Digital Downs Figures are a quick and simple way to understand a horse’s recent race performances. They’re designed to be easy to compare, so you can see how a horse does against different fields and at different lengths in recent races.

Monthly Meet Winners

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High Claims Meet

1st Induna

2nd Totoro Stables

3rd Jake Dog Racing

4th Aloya

5th Polaris Bloodstock

3yo Racing Meet

1st Jake Dog Racing

2nd Chrisman

3rd Totoro Stables

4th Induna

5th Greeko holdem

4yo Racing Meet

1st Jake Dog Racing

2nd Chrisman

3rd Aloya

4th Polaris Bloodstock

5th Carlton Lodge

Divisional Racing Meet

1st Black Ace

2nd Jake Dog Racing

3rd Chrisman

4th Totoro Stables

5th Aloya

Digital Downs Crown second leg - Winner is Crafty Cat (KY)

Latest completed races

Name Abbrv Replay
Global Storm (KY) fMdSpWt Watch
Bejewelled Bell (FL) ECSRQ Watch
Hard Thunder (KY) ECSRQ Watch
Past Market (KY) fAlwS Watch
Wandos Wanker (CA) fMdSpWt Watch
Color Me Badd (CA) fClm20000 Watch
Needsalotofice (FL) fClm5000 Watch
Undercover Agent (FL) fAlw Watch
Platinum Citizen (KY) fOClm25000 Watch
Cooper Pup (NY) fClm15000 Watch