Creekside Stables

  • Joining Date : 2022-01-23
  • Wins : 624

Championship Wins: 0


  R-W-P-S Earnings Win/ITM EPR
Career 5016-624-709-804 $41,276,963 12.44/42.60 8229.06
57 236-23-36-45 $1,984,603 9.75/44.07 8409.33
56 565-75-88-89 $5,861,176 13.27/44.60 10373.76
55 813-117-124-117 $6,046,955 14.39/44.03 7437.83
54 601-67-100-106 $4,039,227 11.15/45.42 6720.84
53 764-102-105-123 $8,154,883 13.35/43.19 10673.93
52 1131-130-136-178 $9,120,176 11.49/39.26 8063.82
51 924-110-125-148 $6,175,063 11.90/41.45 6682.97


  R-W-P-S Earnings Win/ITM EPR
Career 871-110-103-109 $15,393,812 12.63/36.97 17673.72
57 27-2-2-5 $470,155 7.41/33.33 17413.15
56 115-14-11-14 $3,107,280 12.17/33.91 27019.83
55 105-14-10-13 $1,909,560 13.33/35.24 18186.29
54 100-3-16-15 $976,275 3.00/34.00 9762.75
53 132-25-14-14 $3,121,696 18.94/40.15 23649.21
52 244-34-31-34 $3,796,581 13.93/40.57 15559.76
51 150-18-19-14 $2,015,765 12.00/34.00 13438.43
Top Active Horses By Earnings
Beat Bomb (KY)$809,160
See If She Can Run (PA)$789,325
Summer Shade (KY)$725,610
Prevere (KY)$623,478
Dream Chaser (KY)$569,070
Something Big (KY)$531,330
Velvet Ribbon (KY)$488,030
Sharp Rock (KY)$404,450
Cowboy Coffee (KY)$387,926
Giant Size (KY)$380,675
Top Mare By Foal Earnings
Feel The Beat (KY)$4,525,087
DD-Red Sonya (PA)$1,020,415
Velvet Sky (KY)$673,951
Funeverywhere (KY)$76,835
Miss Jones (FL)$541,254
Tiny Toes (KY)$1,131,756
Thirteen Kisses (FL)$351,480
Morning Glory (KY)$691,761
Eos (KY)$343,050
Gold Tonic (NY)$501,700
DD Awards 0
Meet Titles 0
TC Wins 0
BC Wins 0
Grade I Wins 31
Grade II Wins 28
Grade III Wins 25
  R-W-P-S Win% Earnings
MAIDEN CLAIM2-0-0-10.00$1,950
STARTER ALLOWANCE1-0-0-00.00$400
GRADED STAKES23-3-2-313.04$795,515

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