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    As many of you may already be aware...DD Create horses have been slightly adjusted. Some time ago the so called "super creates" were intentionally released and they had a major impact on the game. About 10-12 seasons ago the creates were pushed down to offset the mess caused by the super creates. So the pendulum swung to the extreme first with super creates then to the useless creates. What we needed was a correction or a normal scenario...and this is what we believe we have accomplished with the latest adjustments.

    Create horses are the source of all bloodlines. Due to the capping of the create abilities very few creates were "created" and even less if at all were even race worthy which led to very few creates ever reaching the breeding stage. With less creates producing foals over the last 10-12 seasons our current bloodlines have become severely inbred and marginalized. Thats not to say that there aren't excellent bloodlines available just not enough to help move the game forward. Further proof of extremely poor create quality was the development of the "create only" races. A special race card had to be added just to give a place for the creates to race. This is not the ideal scenario nor is it productive.

    The latest adjustment to the create pool and attributes will in fact make the creates more competitive overall and in many cases allow creates to race on the normal main card. On rare occasion a create may be born that will compete at a higher level or at a stake grade level and we feel this is about a 2% chance based on our statistics and research to this point.

    Our goal was to make the creates more competitive while protecting the the stable owned bloodlines and the investment and hard work that stables have put into developing bloodlines for racing or breeding. Even after our adjustments to creates - homebred or public breeding remains the best source for quality horses. In fact there is a 24% higher chance that a homebred foal will win a non claiming race then a Create will. The % is even higher for stakes grade races. However you should note that a create horse may have the ability to compete and win in stakes grade races - just at a lower percentage overall. We feel there is plenty of room for homebreds and creates to coexist.

    We have pulled data on 5,000 plus races as well as simulated races. This adjustment with creates will be reviewed again thoroughly in 6 months and we will compare the statistics and make sure we are heading in the correct direction.

    This change is also part #1 of a long term bloodline project - TBA
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