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    Starter Allowance races will now have a weight penalty for every Starter Allowance race the horse has won. Each win will cost the horse a 2 lb penalty with 1 lb being deducted for a loss. The total weight shift will be a +/- 10 lb maximum shift. This is being done to combat the problem of drop-downs dominating the Starter Allowance races all season long. These weights are a starting point and might have to be adjusted in the future.

    EXAMPLE for a 2 horse race;
    Race 1, horse A wins with 120 lbs, horse B also carried 120 lbs.
    Race 2, horse A will carry 122 lbs, horse B will carry 119 lbs. Horse A wins again.
    Race 3, horse A will carry 124 lbs, horse B will carry 118 lbs. Horse B wins.
    Race 4, horse A will carry 123 lbs, horse B will carry 120 lbs. Etc, Etc.

    The first time a horse runs in a Starter Allowance it will carry the standard programmed weight listed for the race. With the +/-10 lb shift in a 120 lb programmed weight race the maxium weight any horse can carry is 130 lbs and the minimum will be 110 lbs. Races won or lost in races other than Starter Allowance have no effect on the Starter Allowance weights. So if you win a Starter Allowance race a loss in any other type race will not qualify the horse for a weight deduction in its next Starter Allowance race.